Learn how to make a Storysack to share with your children. A Storysack contains props and games to use when telling a story to your children, aiming to engage children in listening, and to encourage reading and enjoying books. Improve your child's literacy and numeracy, make story telling fun and brush up on your own skills too! Learn how to make the props and games using a sewing machine plus a range of other craft skills. You could consider the following courses next:

Literacy, Sewing, Puppet Making, Nursery or Teacher Assistant, Numbersack Course.


ACL who can enrol?

The Adult community Learning courses are for people who are living in Swindon.

Eligibility criteria to attend the courses are:

*         Adults aged 19 years old and over
*         Are unemployed, or are on a low income,
*         or have mild to moderate learning difficulties or,
*         or have skills below level 2 (less than 4 GCSEs) or,
*         or have disabilities or,
*         Are recovering from mental illness or addiction or,
*         Are in a household where English is not the main language.
*         Legally resident in the UK, (
ifnot lived in the UK or EU/EEA for 3 continuous years or more, need to provide evidence of residency and immigration status)

For more information visit or contact the Smiley Cats team.